Kylie Minogue

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Take Me With You

I try, not to panic,
I hold on to the pieces,
It's hard to stop my heart from breaking.
If I could stand to take the long road,
If I could reach to where I've never been.
There's a mirror facing me.

I don't want to be here.....Take me with you

Take me there, take me there,
until I die, until I die.
Take me with you,
take me there, take me there,
Until I die, Until I die
take me with you.

I chose to be careful,
hold on to the reason,
it's hard to stop my head from spinning,
If I could sleep until tomorrow,
If I could see the things I've never seen,
It's a matter of dreaming.

I don't want to be here.....take me with you


I don't wanna hurt inside,
I feel like I'm losing time,
take me with you


With you

Kylie Minogue Lyrics

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Take Me With You Lyrics

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