Liberty X

Being Somebody

Everybody Cries

Oh baby let it rain
I feel it washing over me
The anxiety
I watch it fade away
Coz everything can change
It changes right in front of me
Could you set me free
To where I wanna be

Is something wrong, is there a reason why
We're putting up a fight
Don't be ashamed to open up your heart
Everybody cries

I look above and search into the sky
To help me make it right
And now you're gone, well what am i to do
Everybody cries

Goodbye is kinda hard
It's not a thing i like to do
Can you pull me through
Into a better day

Forever in my heart
You'll always be a part of me
You believed in me
And that i won't forget


Should ever be lonely
And we were meant to walk together

Liberty X Lyrics

Being Somebody Lyrics

Everybody Cries Lyrics

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