Falling Uphill


What can be done in order for you to percieve that I'm not
falling behind?
That's your vision your delusion I was here to begin
You've interrupted our concluesions but we haven't begun
And you've placed your number ones instead

So what, I'm different
Would you prefer if we were all like her?
You see the external illusions
We're all the same

I don't want to be gone I don't want to be
When I'm around

When will this end on who will we depend and you're looking for
the trend, from the one who came along and now we've
changed who's to blame?
No one other than the other
We'll get back to where we were,
never longing over what's preferred
You never listened, told us to mind our business
Lies tried to ride your feelings words hide their meanings
What can I do, just let it all pass through
Convincing you to belive what's true
I don't want, want to be gone
I don't, I don't want no

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