Nelly Furtado

Whoa Nelly

Scared Of You

I'm sorry I forsake you
I'm sorry that I left you
I'm sorry I did forget you
And I'm sorry that I made myself feel better
By making you feel never good enough
I know you'll shine much brighter than I ever could
Maybe that is why I was

Scared of you (and in everything I do I'm still thinking of you)
oh, you
And I know you were scared of me (but everytime I tried to love
you I just
fell through) too

Desculpa-me se te-ofendi
Desculpa-me se te-esqueci
Desculpa me se-eu te-deixei
Eu te-deixei
E desculpa-me por mi sintir bem com tua dor
Sabes que te-adore mais sei que tu estrela a maior do que
do que minha
E por isso

Eu tenho medo deste amor (os dias passo pensando en ti) amor
Medo deste amor (Salve-me porque agora estou caindo) amor

Scared of you I was
Scared of you I was
Scared of you
Scared of you
Scared of you

Nelly Furtado Lyrics

Whoa Nelly Lyrics

Scared Of You Lyrics

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