Back Up

Wise up because I'm fed you better back up. 
You got a bad attitude comin' up from inside you better watch
your mouth 
you got plenty to hide you come across so heavy you're a
better rest your fist and try to use your mind 
I'm not punkin' out 
I'm just movin' up say your comments loud 
but try to back 'em up keep your ass far away and stay with
yourself alone 
in a cage aggravate someone else. 
Wise up because I'm fed you better back up. 
You in your baggy jeans with your baggy lip you 'bout to lose 
all your shit with the butt of my fist you better use your mind
and bring your pressure down quick 
'cause you feather weight fuckin' in this heavyweight clique' 
you know karate got a shiny gun in your hand got a razor blade
with a knife in the brim I ask you all the questions 
don't look at him your own stupid answers got you what you are

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Back Up Lyrics

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