R. Kelly

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Bump N' Grind

My mind is tellin me no but my body my body's tellin me yes 
I (baby) don't want to hurt nobody 
But there is something that I must confess........... (chill) 

[Chorus: x4]
I don't see nothing wrong with a little bump and grind 
I don't see nothing wrong with a little bump and grind 

See I know just what you want and I know just what you need girl

So baby bring your body to me (bring your body here)
I'm not fooling around with you baby 
My love is true (with you) with you is where I want to be, girl
I need someone someone like me to satisfy your every needs 

[Chorus x4]

You say he's not treating you right 
Then lady spend the night now 
I'll love you like you need to be love (girl why don't you try
some of me)
No need to look no more because I've opened up in my door 
You'll never feel another love you see 
I need someone, someone like me girl to make love to you baby

[Chorus x4]

R. Kelly Lyrics

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Bump N' Grind Lyrics

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