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Feelin On Yo Booty (Remix)

Damn,This sound real familiar
This sound real familiar

[Chorus :]
What remix is this?
Feeling on yo booty [repeat x4 times]

[Verse 1:]
V.I.P. Wit all ma thugs
Henessey niggas at the club
Drop top V. rollin on dubs
Chicken heads showin nothin but love
So much booty (heads in the air like what the awh
D.J's say this mix is the cut cause we be on the flo like we
some rugs
Come here girl( give daddy hug)
Don't play me (Like I'm one of these scubs)
Girl if you don't get yo ass over here and get yo ass in this
So much booty (see I ain't drunk but I'm real nice nigga high
like a real kite yall know this remix is real tight.


[Verse 2:]
I gotta whole block of girl at ma crib
I'm over by the pool drinking Belvedear
Ain't no haters up in here
Cuz brought that thang down here
So much booty
Thats all I see from the front to the rear
Socks and house shoes wit Polo gear
500 to the biggest booty in here
Come here girl(give daddy hug)
Don't Play me like I'm one of these scubs
Girl if you don't get yo ass over here and get yo ass in this
So much booty
We lookin out from the hill now
Kelly makin a kill now
What's that I wanna feel now


Radio stations, Radio stations, Radio stations, Radio stations
You're getting sleepy
D.J's in the, D.J's in the, D.J's in the,
D.J's in the bumpin in the club everywhere

Feelin on yo booty, yo booty,
yo booty, yo boo-oo
Feelin on yo booty,yo booty, yo booty,yo booty
yo boocka boo-ooty, booty
booga,booga,booga,booga-ooty, [laugh with it] booooooty.
Remix baby

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Feelin On Yo Booty (Remix) Lyrics

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