R. Kelly

R. Kelly

I Can't Sleep Baby

Girl I must have been crazy 
To say that it was over
I had to be a fool 
To yell out we were through
And now I'm all alone 
And feeling down and out baby
When I never 
Meant for this to end
It was so so crazy of me
Sometimes we say things that we really don't mean
Well I'm sorry baby
Bring your lovin' back to me

[1] - I can't sleep babe
I can't think babe
I can't live babe
Without you in my life 
I can't go on babe
This is my song baby
Don't wanna do nothin' if I go away baby
And I can't do nothin' if you're not around

Though I must admit 
That things got out of hand
When you told me
That he was just a friend
I should of had my trust in you 
From the very start darlin'
Cuz I never meant for this to end
How can we get it back again?
Oh sometimes a man can say things 
That he really don't mean
Well I'm sorry baby 
Bring your lovin' back to me

[Repeat 1]

Baby can we meet somewhere 
And talk about it
Oh baby, can we work it out
I'm not gonna let you go my baby 
Before I let you know that I

[Repeat 1 until fade]

R. Kelly Lyrics

R. Kelly Lyrics

I Can't Sleep Baby Lyrics

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