Rascal Flatts


Like I Am

Lying here with you 
I watch you while you sleep 
The dawn is closing in 
With every breath you breathe 

I can feel the change 
The change you've made in me 
But will I ever see 
All the things you see in me 

When you say that I'm one of a kind 
Baby, I don't see it but you believe 
That I'm so strong and true, I promise you 
I'll try to be that kind of man 
Because you love me like I am 

When it comes to love 
I may not know the rules 
But there's one thing I know 
My heart belongs to you, just you 


You show me you love me 
With a fire that burns deep inside 

[Chorus x2]

- I am 
I'll never understand 
I don't think I'll ever understand 
Why you love me 
Why you love me just like I am 


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