Reel Big Fish

Why Do They Rock So Hard?

Everything is Cool

i'm so glad you're gone, you just led me on
where did it go wrong, too bad for too long
i live without you know
i'll get along some how
i don't care anyway, i just wanted to say
everything is cool
how are things with you
everything is cool
i wish you were dead
you say we'll be friends, that just means no sex,
i don't care what you say
i'm tired of %#&$!^ you anyway
i guess it is my fault
but do you blame you at all
i'll have to let you go
i just want you to know that
everything is cool
how are things with you,
everything is cool,
i wish you were dead!

Reel Big Fish Lyrics

Why Do They Rock So Hard? Lyrics

Everything is Cool Lyrics

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