Reel Big Fish

Turn The Radio Off

Join The Club

was gonna call my friends and get 'em all together
i was gonna go and start a band,
but everything i wanna do has already been done.
why would i wanna go and do it again?
everybody...plays guitar.
she's so cute (if you know what i mean)
she's the cutest little
girl, that i've ever seen.
maybe she'll like me if
i play guitar
maybe she'll like me if i'm
the lead singer yea,
oh yea! there's so many
bands, and we all look the same...
i just saw them, up on stage
and i don't
remember how good they played.
he can't sing,
but i'd pay just to see her face,
yea, yea, yea, yea...

everybody's in a band yea,
yea, yea
have you heard of my band?
oh, ooh, ooh
we try to be different
but i guess that's nothing

Reel Big Fish Lyrics

Turn The Radio Off Lyrics

Join The Club Lyrics

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