Reel Big Fish

Keep Your Reciept

Why Do All Girls Think They're Fat?

There's a little girl,on my mind,
all the time,there's always one,
look what shes done...
She makes me look at her thighs,you know
I sure hate to lie,but what can I tell her
you know it's so beautifull,
man how come all girls think there fat?
Hey hey hey she's so pretty,my friend,
hey hey hey I feel stupid... again.
She said "It's all right, come over tonight,my moms not home,
I'm all alone!"
She took me back to her house,she pushed me down on the couch,
She said "now its all right,were gonna be good friends
cause that kissin' only leads to the end."
Hey hey hey she's so pretty,my friend.
Hey hey hey I feel stupid

Reel Big Fish Lyrics

Keep Your Reciept Lyrics

Why Do All Girls Think They're Fat? Lyrics

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