Ricky Martin

Come back (Vuelve)

Almost a Love Song

The bells are ringing in my mind
Sadly they ring for me
Throughout this empty house
They remind me so much, so much of you

This horrible loneliness
Comes with me, and with me it goes
With your picture against my skin
A dream in my heart
It's almost a love song

And I wish you were with me right now and always
And I wish I could see you next to me again and much more
This sadness I sing to you
Is blown away in the wind

Now that I'm looking for you I regret
I don't know why I stopped walking with you
I never told you that I love you
You couldn't guess it

With your memory always
Like a phantom that doesn't go away
I press your picture against my skin
A dream in my heart
Almost a love song

Ricky Martin Lyrics

Come back (Vuelve) Lyrics

Almost a Love Song Lyrics

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