Room Service

Bringing Me Down To My Knees

Been thinking about you
Without even trying, I've done it
There's something about you
I can't put my finger on it
Monday was fine and I was on a high

I'm begging you please to ease, allow your feelings to show, oh
You're bringing me down to my kneesw cos I love you so

If your love is strong I want to be sure about it
Oh is it all wrong to go on talking about it?

Oh you thrilled me
I should be alright but Friday I died when you killed me
You're bringing me down to my knees, oh oh
Love me forever or baby, just let it go, oh oh

Monday was fine, yea the hours went by like a summer breeze
But way down the line you might make up your mind and it's time
to freeze
You're bringing me down to my knees
I've been thinking about you

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Bringing Me Down To My Knees Lyrics

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