Do Nothing/Bitchslap

The system has failed and you have failed with it 
No time to care, just time to say "Who gives a shit?"

My mind boils as I've decided I'm through 
Fuck your position in life. I'm taking vengence on you 

I break down the walls of the political arena 
Cast the vote on FN-FAL, yeah, we'll be seein' ya! 
(protect yourself) 

I want to put a cap right in your asshole 
You step to this, you're gonna pass 
for a lump of dogshit in the grass 
So, be on your way and get some class 


Chop down the big-wigs, shoot the telelvisions, too 
My mind boils in life as I've decided I'm through 
The guilty of crimes will be hung from the trees 
Spit and punches arise from you and me 

Sit back and do nothing if that's what you want to do 
I will have my reign as king, when I take vengence on you 

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Do Nothing/Bitchslap Lyrics

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