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Me Inside

Giving in to what has got me 
Feeling claustrophobic, scarred 
Severed me from all emotion 
Life is just too fucking hard 
Snap! Your face was all it took 
Cuz this need ain't doin' me no good 
Fall on my face, but can't you see? 
This fucking life is killing me! 

Tearing me / Inside 

Too far gone, I'm catatonic 
Leaving you to criticize 
Empty shell and running naked 
All alone... lobotomized 
Back and forth between my hang-ups 
It isn't easy to be hated 
Where do ya go? Whaddya do? 
Simpleton, impromptu, crazy eight 
I never cared, not once 
Gotta get away! 

Tearing me / Inside 

I wasn't promised a thing 
You keep mocking me 
But you will never again 
Before you know - after you're gone 


Somos feos apestamos y pero reinamos hoto muthafucka

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Me Inside Lyrics

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