Some Feel

Some feel I don't exist 
Never believing in what they see 
Some feel that I am not fair 
I leave no time for repentance 

Tearing the vail Mending the vail 
Tearing the vail 

Some feel I bare the mark of man 
A misguided philosophy 
Some feel I kill for fun 
I kill for life! 

I can't escape what Gaia's left for me / No more 
I can't deny the lack of morality / No less 
Need time to think need time to think 
Need to spill blood so I can drink 
Take whay they give take what they give 
Some feel I'm dead yet still I live 

They don't know I'm immortal 
They don't know they're just cattle 
They don't know I'm eternal 


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Some Feel Lyrics

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