Sophie Ellis Bextor

Shoot From The Hip

I Won't Dance With You

I don't want to walk onto the floor 
See I am happy with my back against the wall 
I know you're asking me to dance but you will leave me wanting
Attention to the details and you'll score 

You're too good too people pleasure 
I don't cramp your freedom 

This is your forte 
I can't party 
pleasure I won't dance with you 
Catch your reflection in me 
My intervention 
No need 
Pleasure I won't dance with you 

I know it's better for you to dance alone 
Then you can wallow in praise until the cows come home 
I want to teach you how good it is to share 
Wow the crowds together if you dare 

You like to show your tricks to plenty 
I want a partner who'll make me heady 

You need to make me your queen 
Upstage me? 
Pleasure I won't dance with you 

Fella tell me can you be my perfect man? 
(Yes I can oh yes I can) 
Can you calm your ego down? 
(Yes I will to turn you round) 
Do you want me as your date? 
(Come with me and celebrate) 
This will be your last chance 

If you are on your best behaviour 
I can be the one to save you 

This is your forte alright 
I can party tonight 
I will dance with you 
We show the movers desire 
us united on fire 
When I dance with you 
When you have made me your queen 
Embrace me complete I will dance with you

Sophie Ellis Bextor Lyrics

Shoot From The Hip Lyrics

I Won't Dance With You Lyrics

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