Sophie Ellis Bextor

Shoot From The Hip

Love It Is Love

I can't believe it's happened to me 
Taken over so completely 
I was content but nevertheless 
You've changed my life for the best 

I want to hold you 'til I lose time 
I never want to be back in my mind 

The way that I'm feeling 
Love it is love 
Keep on with the feeling 
Love it is love 
Begins without thinking 
Befriends with a touch 
Keep on with the feeling 
Love it is love 

So all a sudden stupid makes sense 
I succumb and I've no defence 
You make me happy inside I dance 
Never stopping, fuel is a glance 

I've fallen deeper and I am the girl 
I used to want to be you spin my world 
Onward motion, pure devotion 
I thought I knew my heart was lone and stark 
But baby oh 
You've moved within me 
Never go never go never go never go

Sophie Ellis Bextor Lyrics

Shoot From The Hip Lyrics

Love It Is Love Lyrics

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