Sophie Ellis Bextor

Shoot From The Hip

You Get Yours

You're selfish 
Like me 
It's why we get along 
We're English 
As well 
So we're a 
We're a 
We're a little bit ashamed of ourselves 
It's ok to be needy 
Just not voraciously greedy 
Let's make sure that we don't let it show 

You get yours and I'll get mine 
We'll justify our actions 
Some other time 

You're anxious 
In dreams 
cos you've come apart 
At the seams 
Revealing inside 
What it was 
What it was 
What it was that you were trying to hide 

I don't know how to be friendly 
When you're consumed with envy 
It never stops controlling how I feel 

Tell me you love me and this time mean it

Sophie Ellis Bextor Lyrics

Shoot From The Hip Lyrics

You Get Yours Lyrics

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