Vertical Horizon

Running On Ice

Life In The City

Cut it down go put it away
Take an inside look on the outside
Another day 

Take time look at the sunshine
Have mine it's better on you anyway 

Nobody's perfect all the time
But I know you
And you know me
And it's alright 

I'm waking up gonna buy me some shoes
Take a long walk out of the hindsight start anew 

Look around maybe buy a new topcoat
Stop moping the rain's gonna rain through
Rain through on you
Yes it's true that 

Nobody's sunny all the time 
But I know you and you know me
And it's alright 

And it's your life
and it's my life
It's our life in the city 

Get a new place out in the hills 
Plant a seed I'm in need of a break from the fire drill
Repaint where all the paint ain't
Get a clean slate and maybe we can buy a thrill
I'll foot that bill 
Yes I will 'cause 

Nobody's busy all the time
But I know you 
And you know me
And it's alright 

Vertical Horizon Lyrics

Running On Ice Lyrics

Life In The City Lyrics

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