Vivian Green

Love Story

Ain't Nothing But Love

[Verse 1]
Shoulda know, when I looked into those eyes that, I was going to
be free
From the bondage of those who never loved me
And I shoulda know, when he simply touched my hand, he would
All of my wants and all of my needs
You were sent alone to love me

Ain't nothing but love (that what it is)
And it gets sweeter and sweeter
Like heaven on earth
Won't you just give me more and more

[Verse 2]
You love me baby winter, spring, summer and fall
And it's like I'm blinded
I see no one but you at all
Just the sound of your voices give me
Chills up my spine ya ooo it thrill me when
You love me all night 
Your lips speak to me in a language I never knew ooo, but oh
I understand your heart
When it feels the love from you


Vivian Green Lyrics

Love Story Lyrics

Ain't Nothing But Love Lyrics

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